The FBs-PLC’s design incorporates a “System on Chip” (SoC) developed in-house by Fatek Corporation. The BGA chip consists of over 120,000 gates which integrates powerful features such as a Central Processing Unit (CPU), Memory, Hardware Logic Solver (HLS), 5 high-speed communication ports, 4 sets of hardware high-speed counters/timers, 4 axes of high-speed pulse outputs for NC positioning control (with linear interpolation), 16 high-speed interrupts and captured inputs. The FBs-PLC represents high functionality and reliability with exceptional value compared to other PLC’s in its class.

PLC Series

FBs Series PLC


The FBs-PLC has more than 300 instructions which adopts a user friendly and readable multi-input/multi-output function structure. With this multi-input instruction structure the user can derive many types of functionality which other brands of PLC’s may require the use of many instructions to achieve this.

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B1/ B1Z Series PLC


The streamline design of SoC technology significantly reduces the hardware costs. The B1/B1z series PLC incorporates the most sophisticated manufacturing process and high quality two-layer board design. This makes the B1/B1z PLC very price-competitive in today’s cost conscience PLC market!
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